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A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with my Nanna, about how she grew up. After listening to her reminisce about learning to bake, cook, sew and learning general household knowledge, I realised that the majority of my generation have grown up, completely bypassing this. When I was at school the curriculum was full of electronics, business studies and science, all very important subjects, but where were the subjects that taught us vital life skills? Now school are reintroducing home economics...good! I am fortunate enough to have a grandparent who has time to show me how to cook and bake and get those pesky stains out of clothes. Others aren't so lucky. I know people my age who cannot cook, bake or generally get through life without the use of technology or the internet.

The following weeks I found myself at a family party that was catered by my Nanna, the usuals of pies, quiches and cakes. Throughout the evening my cousins and I made our way down memory lane, spending school holidays at my Nanna and Granddad's house baking cup cakes and fighting over who got to lick the spoon! My younger cousin and I both decided my Nan needed to share her wisdom. Last week my lovely Nanna and I had a baking day! We made quiches and cakes just like I remember when I was younger. They went down a treat in the staffroom. Here is a few pictures of our lovely bakes.

'You can't start until you have everything out at your work station!'

Nan was very impressed with my ambidextrous skills. It took all my energy not eat the mix before I made the cakes. 

'The secret to a good quiche Amy is low and slow cooking!' 

Releasing my inner child! We made chocolate cakes and butterfly cakes! These 6 were for my granddad...he had to check they weren't poisoned after all.

'Ohhh there is enough for me two saucer cakes!' 
My nan always got a saucer cake when she was little, she enjoys the crispy edge of the saucer cake. Must admit they are lovely.

I thoroughly enjoyed my baking day with my Nanna, even took down a notebook and pen so I could jot down her instructions. I'm now making a little baking book full of pictures, memories and recipes courtesy of my Nanna and her sisters. No one bakes like the Whiteheads!

Next up on the baking learning journey is corned beef pies! Nan just doesn't know it yet!


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