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The Year of Fresh Starts

Yeyyyy first post of 2018!! I'm determined to utilise my blog and actually pay it some TLC this year.

Last year I was still getting to grips with sewing and learning new skills. I had lots of plans but like most times, life got in the way.

Throughout the year I saw lots of different sewing based challenges and decided that this year I would complete at least one of them. I was interested in the Wardrobe Builder Challenge and the Make Nine Challenge.

Enough is enough, lets get motivated! January is the time where people make resolutions which 9 times out of 10 they break by the time January ends. Since 2018 is already playing out to be a year of change and fresh starts for me, now I thought was the perfect time to plan some goals. Setting goals for lifestyle/health (totally making a bucket list but I swear it's getting longer and longer) and crafting based goals, starting with a challenge set for the year. Make Nine Challenge BRING IT ON!

 Last year I took a year out of teaching and became a Personal Trainer, my wardrobe now consists of gym leggings, sports bras and wayyyy to many trainers. Going back into teaching means waving good by to the endless gym clothes (obviously not totally, I still need to drag my butt to the gym), bringing in the work wear wardrobe. I don't understand where all my 'teacher' clothes went, how does a person lose a whole wardrobe? I swear over the last year house elves have been in stealing clothing for their freedom....

Sorry not sorry for the Harry Potter reference. Time to sew a whole new wardrobe throughout the year. Challenge accepted!

This is my #2018makenine plan

Sew Over It - Heather Dress - I think this is one of the essential wardrobe pieces, perfect for my new teaching wardrobe to wear with tights and nice boots.

Sew Over It - Ultimate Trousers - Because every wardrobe needs a cute pair of capri trousers!

Named Clothing - Ailakki Cross Front Jumpsuit - I love a good jumpsuit for an evening out and who doesn't like a challenge?

Sew Over It - Molly Top - Part of Sew Over It's ebook. This top looks super comfy and great for leisure and work.

Sew Over It - Alex Shirt - Another ebook favourite which I think I'll make in different materials for home and work wear.

Sew Over It - Mia Jeans - I have ridiculously long legs and always struggle to find jeans in my leg length, this will be the first time I make my own.

Megan Nielsen - Karri Dress - Bit of piping and a feminine dress whats not to love?

Papercut - Pneuma Tank - I know I said I already own enough gym wear but....I could make my own!!!

Tilly and the Buttons - Fifi Pyjamas - Cute PJs...yes please!

Ok so I have a slight obsession with Sew Over It, this started last year when I visited their Clapham store and was in heaven! I'm considering joining the PDF club after having a mini panic when I went online last week and couldn't see it anywhere. It's back now, happy Amy!

I'm looking forward to completing these, I already have most of these patterns and now just need to start them and actually put material to machine.

Coming up I have a post about a piece I completed for Minerva Crafts and I foresee a post about my bucket list.


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