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Christmas Cracker Chaos!

Christmas has been and gone and I spent it being creative as per usual. As well as making a top for my grandma, I set out to make crackers with a personal touch. They went down a treat. I got them from Hobbycraft. Now I could have released my teacher side and made them with toilet roll tubes and crepe paper but I wanted them to match our presents, which were wrapped in brown paper with pretty bows and ribbons, so I opted for a Christmas cracker kit. The cracker kit I used is no longer on the website, but here is a version of the kit. This kit comes with the cardboard cracker paper and attached snapper, paper joke/trivia and an assortment of colourful paper hats. All that is left to do is buy the gift for inside and put them all together.

I loved shopping for the little gifts to go in the crackers. I bought miniature bottles of alcohol, little bottles of scented hand sanitiser from the Body Shop and little tubs of lip balm. One warning I will give to anyone planning on doing these next year, open with care! Christmas day in our house had arrived, we all sat round the dining table and everyone was made aware that they had personalised crackers. Everyone began pulling the crackers with difficulty. Those crackers weren't giving up the goods without a fight! After family members, my 70 year old grandad included, had defeated the cardboard crackers, mini bottles of alcohol, hand sanitiser and lip balm flew into the air with grace. Luckily all gifts were caught safely and handed to their recipient. Next year I will definitely stuff the crackers better next year so should this happen again, the gifts are wedged in the centre of the cracker.

Even with the the difficulty opening, I would definitely recommend these to others. People enjoyed showing their gifts round and it was nice opening a cracker with a gift you will actually use. If all else fails at least you've had a giggle at the effort and force required to open a cracker and the almost comical image of small items flying through the air.

I plan on updating this blog weekly if not bi-weekly, depending on what craft projects I'm completing.

Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy Crafting!


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