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Short update today! Busy Bee and all.

Today I completed PiYo Day 3 - Define: Upper Body. Let's just say my upper body needs a lot of strengthening. I'm still loving the workouts and the added bonus about todays workout, it's only 20 minutes long! So even when my back was hurting, I've had barely any sleep and I have a million things to be doing, it was only 20 minutes out of my day. I am still working on my tricep pushups, I'd like to see them improve the more practice I get. I also want to see my general fluidity between movements improve. Only time will tell.

 I've printed out the workout timetable and I'm writing in my little notes underneath. Today was also the day that I was sup;sed to be running with the NHS couch to 5k app, I'm in week 4 of that, but life is getting in the way. With family members in hospital, dental appointments and an attempt at catching up on sleep after 10 hours in A&E, running maybe getting put on the back burner for today. 

Here's hoping I enjoy tomorrows workout - Sweat. That sounds delightful...


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