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PiYo Journey Has Begun!

So if you haven't noticed before, I'm a flitter. I latch on to the idea of a new workout routine. I've attempted Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution, Insanity, T25, general walking using my fitbit. I am happy to say I am keeping up with the fitbit challenges but the rest unfortunately dwindled away. I Love Jillian Michaels and I will one day go back to it, but for now my new little test is Piyo. Now if you don't know what Piyo is, it is pilates and yoga merged together with high intense intervals. Hard work but easy on your joints. I always knew I wasn't very flexible or strong, but I gave myself a little credit, I wasn't a weakling. I'm here to say, Day 2 down - I am a complete weakling! I kinda love it so far. I found it so hard! Normally, when I find an exercise routine difficult and painful I quit pretty quickly. This time something is different. It is kind of like a competition with myself to become more flexible. I am determined to be able to complete at least 2 push ups! In other DVD's I've completed, I feel inadequate and incompetent that I couldn't complete what apparently is such a simple task. In PiYo, Charlene is very good at making you feel comfortable with your fitness level. In the Alignment video, she works through the steps and even shows you how to modify and build up to the full move. Today I completed day 2 - Define: Lower Body. The area of my body I thought was the strongest, my legs. Oh, Oh, let me say OUCH! I've never had every muscle in my body shake so much. I did have to go into child's pose a couple of times, but this is apparently OK, the trainer would rather you do this than quit! It was that intense, I struggled to get up the stairs afterwards. Thank God for banisters.
PiYo is hard work but gentle on your joints, which I love! It isn't scream in your face, all in, cry in agony until you pass out. It is hard and pushes you to levels of stretches and moves you didn't think were possible. I'm excited to see my flexibility and strength improve over the coming weeks. Now I just need to find an appropriate time of day to complete the workouts. Today is ok, I'm on holiday for two weeks (yeyyyy school's out for Easter) but once I go back I need to figure out if it is a morning or an evening routine. Right now I can still feel my muscles twitching and I've chosen to write this instead of do the spring cleaning I had planned. You can't clean while ever muscle in your body is twitching!


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