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This is what having a life looks like!

So I've been complaining recently that I have no life. My life consists of waking up, going to work, getting in late, eat, sleep and repeat. Now I know, I know, most peoples lives are like this but I've never worked so much that my social life and general wellbeing has gone down the pan and my trip to London was the start of me seeing there is more to life than working.

London was truly AMAZING! I love cities and I love London! The busy streets, the hustle and bustle of people shopping, commuting and touring. The truly amazing food from both lavish places and the quaint cafe's. The beautiful scenery and attractions. The list goes on. It is times like these that I realise how much I miss teaching abroad and having these types of experiences on my doorstep.

My amazing time started with taking my mother down to London for her 50th birthday. We enjoyed a relaxed train journey, slightly stressful underground journey (my mother doesn't do crowds). When the room wasn't ready I treated her to lunch and drinks in the Hilton Hotel bar.

The following day we went to the Palace theatre and watched Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, its the second time I've seen it but it was my mothers first time watching the astoundingly magical show. I can honestly say I've been to a lot of theatre shows and I've never seen a show that captivated everyone before it even started. A main character came over the speaker telling us to turn off our phones and within a second the whole audience went deadly silent. There was an air of sheer excitement and thus the magical night began. Got to 'Keep the secrets' So no spoilers but it is truly the most magical show I've ever seen. The way they conveyed things thats should not be possible. There are no words.


I even made it into a shop dedicated to the graphic designs from the movies. I'm not ashamed to say I geeked out and bought a piece of limited edition artwork. Its off getting framed.


Remembrance Sunday arrived we held 2 minutes silence in Foyles book heaven shop! Monday we went to the National history museum.


Time to celebrate my mothers birthday and the Hilton were lovely and left champagne, cake and chocolates in our room. Adorable!

Over the weeks off I ate wayyyyyy too much yummy food! and drank wayyyy to many nice drinks.

Visited Busy Bee Studio in Durham, where cuteness and adorableness lives clearly. They even have a pet donkey called Dylan! We fed him rich tea biscuits.


Then it was off to Carlisle to visit my friend Leanne and her lovely family. We took little Cooper to a local farm where I discovered I wanted  Pigmy Goat! Cute!

I've chilled out so much but alas its coming to an end. 

Looking back at those photo's I realised how much I've enjoyed my time off and loved seeing friends I don't see normally due to my hectic work schedule.

I've had time to read, draw and sew, I'll be updating the attic soon with a project I'm almost finished.

Today is my last day off and I'm spending it writing this and visiting my Nan, although I do need to go into work and collect my new uniform ready for tomorrow.


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