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When work gets in the way.

‘The most dangerous form of human error is forgetting what we want to achieve’ Paul Nitze.

I love this quote. It manages to sum up me with my blogging. I start...I forget that I started it to be like a mini diary and tadaaa I forget to write in it. Today I found myself on the App Store searching for a journal app cos nowadays everything is in app form, long gone are the days you write a diary...again I started that and failed, writing took too much time and didn’t allow me to edit. I suppose the point of the diary is to not edit your thoughts and feeling, where as on a blog you always feel the need to make it sound better, be funnier, look nicer for those mysterious few people that somehow fall onto your blog and read it. 

After years of me faffing with this blog, I’ve decided to revamp it. I’m not spearheading it into one niche. This blog is going to be me. A mixture of thoughts, diary entries from travels, my long term struggle with moving my ass to the gym, photos of healthy food I’m attempting to cook and the disasterous outcomes of the food I actually cook. I’m a creative person, so I created a blog just for my hobby of crafting and sewing. I’ll be focusing on Amy-Lou’s world more on a daily basis hopefully and Amy's attic weekly because in between work and sleep; I don't always have time to sew as much as I wish I did. All these things make me who I am, I am a creative, good intentioned, make up hoarding, fitness loving, Harry Potter obsessed, procrastination extraordinaire. I will hopefully be able to keep both going as two separate entities but if not I could always merge.

I have so much that is happening in the coming months and I look forward to writing about them but for now I’m just enjoying the start of my week off work. With all good intentions of going to the gym every day...I’m not even sorry to say I enjoyed a lie in today and been sorting my room out. I’m in the process of moving back into my mam’s house so right now my bedroom looks like a bomb has hit it.

I currently have so much time off from work that I'm enjoying a well earned break.  Off to London to start off my time off.


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Hi my name is Amy and I'm a crap-oholic! I clearly need an intervention or some sort of junk food rehab clinic to lock me up!

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