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Back to Basics

Hi my name is Amy and I'm a crap-oholic! I clearly need an intervention or some sort of junk food rehab clinic to lock me up!

Last week I started being slightly healthier, I say slightly because when it came to 5am and starting work at 5:30am my sugar tooth kicked in with a Nutella go bar...baaaad mistake discovering those bad boys.

I managed to lose 4lbs throughout the week but come the weekend we had a craft and cake fair at work and the will power practically ran out the building!

Tomorrow is a new day! Everyone has stumbles. This is mine. I was showing clients at work my before and after photographs and I was reminded of how much work and effort I put into myself this time last year. I was a whole 20lbs light and may I even say it, the abs were becoming an actual thing! They were there! I mean I still had a layer of fat around them but they definitely existed. Then all willpower and motivation left and here I am. A junk food-aholic confessing my sins on here.

Tomorrow we are making our first steps into a new venture at work. Fusion. It's going to be harder training sessions focusing more on specific body parts and I really do think it is going to be the kick up the backside I need.

It's time for me to get back my motivation. Time for me to enjoy working on myself and treating my body the way it deserves!

Here is my plan!

3 main meals (all home cooked)
3 snacks (healthy ones)
no more fizzy pop (good lord how will I cope?)
3litres of water per day! (my best friend will be the toilet)
5 days training! 2 Elite based, 3 David Lloyd based.

Monday: Elite (first Fusion day...exciting!)
Tuesday: Rest day (split shift equals tired Amy)
Wednesday: Legs at DL
Thursday: Arms at DL
Friday: Elite session
Saturday: Whole body at DL and swim/sauna to finish (well why not)
Sunday: Climb Roseberry Topping with Sarah (if she doesn't bail)

My goal for the week: To lose 4lbs not eat/drink junk and complete all planned training!

Time to get back to this:



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