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Career Change Up

Exciting, Sad and Scary Times Lie Ahead!

So over my 'many' years I've had various jobs, all with their pro's and con's and their highs and lows. I've been a; Disney Store Cast Member (basically got paid to let my Disney fanatic loose), Boots Sales Assistant (selling make-up to stroppy teenagers and medical bits and bobs to cute old people), Assistant in Vue Cinema (got to see films for free and before they came out), Student Ambassador (paid to walk round campus talking about the Uni...easy peasy) and then I graduated and life suddenly became hard.

I taught in Moscow, Russia for 3 years, I was about to write beautiful years but that may have been taking it a step too far. They were 3 of the coldest years of my life in winter but beautiful summers. I would recommend St Petersburg to anyone as it was stunning. Teaching abroad really built up my confidence and allowed me to enjoy a travelling lifestyle, visiting places during school holidays. Expat life is AMAZING!

I then came back to the UK where it's a whole different ball game. Job to candidate ratio is ridiculous and you are fighting for jobs. You go to endless interviews, feeling you did your best only to once again be rejected. I realise this is life but it is soul destroying. Then came that call, I'd gotten a job in a school up the road. Awesome! Loved it, but alas this love did not last and sadly neither did my confidence. Off to supply teaching I went and I joined Elite:Stockton a Transformation 'bootcamp' centre as a Transform client. Lets get me 20lbs lighter in 6 weeks. Well, I smashed that challenge and in turn fell in love with a healthy lifestyle and fitness. I gained friends and one of those was the Deputy Manager who suggested I work on Front of House in the gym. So I applied, got it, loved it.

I decided to take time out of teaching and pursue a career in Personal Training within the gym. I completed my training and thoroughly enjoyed creating bootcamp circuits and pushing people to their limits. Slightly evil and sadistic but I loved it! Then came that moment, a niggling feeling growing in the pit of my stomach....I miss teaching. Teaching is all I've ever wanted to do since I was little and that quirky, slightly crazy teacher made school fun! He also used to run in his cupboard and scream when we did something that drove him crazy but that was just one of his quirks I swear.

Well, I listened to the niggle, after a month of ignoring it, I finally listened and handed my notice in. I'm going back into teaching. People give various reactions, some sad, some excited for me, most teachers think I'm crazy but then when I ask what else they would do career wise, they can't think of anything else they would like to do in life. I have 6 shifts left, I'm a bundle of emotions; excited, sad and scared. I will miss my Elite fit family. I've had some amazing times.

In January I'm doing a 12 week Return to Teaching course for some experience. Let the long, loud, busy days commence with evenings filled with planning, printing, marking, cutting and laminating. Amy's sweat shop has reopened for business and I'm bloody excited about it!


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