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Try Something New!

Try Something New!

So during the meeting this week, we were told to try something new everyday that will support and aid our weight loss journey. Yesterday I tried mango, tasty but it was very hard...maybe I had a bad batch. I also tried Harissa Chicken, Ohhhh that was so tasty. We made the Harissa paste from scratch so we knew it was completely healthy. 

If you don't know much about "Slimming World", it is not a diet, I will start by saying that because nothing is banned. It is all about teaching you about healthy foods and foods that are good to enjoy once in a while, these foods contain syn values. You get 5-15 syns a day. You also have your healthy A option which can consist of set amounts of milk and cheese, your healthy B option which can be wholemeal bread products, cereal, cereal bars etc.  If you want tolerant more, go to this website: This will help you to understand why I have taken to cooking meals and items from scratch. Harissa paste from a jar is something like 3 syns per level tbsp, which isn't a lot when you are trying to coat a chicken breast with it. So we used the recipe in one of the books my mum bought and it made it completely syn free!

Today I continued with the 'try something new' task for the week. I swapped up my usual cereal bar breakfast for a different type...I know it isn't much but it is still something new. I also made Raspberry Clafoutis. It was soo easy to make and at only 3.5 syns per serving (it serves 6) it is totally worth the effort. It was delicious!

Even in these two days of the task, I'm finding that trying new things is helping to keep me positive about the journey so far. I continued to think about the mini task I set myself in meeting this week. I decided I was going to aim for another two pounds off for next weeks weigh in. With healthy eating and a few trips to the gym, I'm sure I will manage that. 

I don't know what I'm going to try tomorrow to count as my new item of the day. Although it's time for me to go back to my Dad's house, which means either a synful weekend or I take over the kitchen like I did last time. Two weeks ago I decided to take over my Dad's kitchen. I literally took over. They weren't allowed in. I made homemade ketchup, which is more like an all purpose tomato sauce, I used it later on pasta and salads and it tastes delicious. I made beef burgers topped with a slice of cheddar cheese and smoked bacon, normal spicy wedges for my Dad since he is fussy and sweet potato spicy wedges for me and the step mother. I also made mint chocolate cheesecake. Dad raved about the main meal, he loved it. BEAMING! How ever...the cheesecake was awful. I screwed up with the gelatin. I think next time I will use Quark to thicken it up instead. But hey ho I'm calling that one a success. So if I take over the kitchen again I could incorporate something new, but I need to start planning for the meal now since my Dad is so fussy. Seriously I've never met anyone like him. I would say he is a meat and veg kind of guy but really he is just a meat and potatoes kinda guy, with a massive sweet tooth.

I definitely got my sweet tooth from my Dad. If only chocolate was disgusting.


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